Classrooms EP

by AlexAlco

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Look right here and relax your mind We seek what's got you in this bind Open up I’ll have a peek At what's got your mental weak Yes I'll hypnotize with you in sleep Cascading into your black keep Combing through your subconscious Reveal to me your dark secrets I'm the hypnotist I can see right through you Let's take a look at your wildest dreams Interpret them, find out what they mean Just clear yourself of all your thoughts I’ll slowly break your mental blocks We’ll dive into your unknown depths I won’t be afraid of the abyss I’m playing back sweet memories Feeding off your energies No reason for you to be cautious I grow stronger each time you resist I'm the hypnotist I can see right into you I know what's got you unbalanced Why you harbor such malice I’ve seen what your fantasies suggest You must release the demons you’ve suppressed
💻Virtually creating your persona 👤 The pixels and the glow of the screen 🖥 sure do warm ya 🔥 you got likes 👍🏽, votes, and so many follows 👏🏽 all that malarkey you digest and swallow😋 It’s coming up here pretty soon 🤢 excuse me, I need to visit the little boys room 🚹 Ima check my status about the fascists 😡 who I’ve slain⚔️ in the comments section ⌨️ I’ll take anyone down ⬇️ using clever wordplay 🎮 👀 Now look at me 🎤 and quit your scrolling 📱! I promise 🤞🏽 that I'm not so boring 🙄 Do it quick ▶️ before I start trolling🔫!!!! 📲 Unlimited data the first year 🗓 as long as we can sell 🤑 all your info 🗃 to the ads 🕵🏻 NSA would never do bad 😇 it’s just to keep up the fads 🕺🏽 they gotta get the proper match 🎰 t o hand you exactly what you didn’t know you wanted 🛒 then you will be glad 😁 now give me all the money 💰 that you have No I am not a computer 📵 my account is real ✅ Could a robot 🤖 have this many favorites ❤️ or this much sex appeal 😍 ? Now I thought you and I 👫, we had a deal 🤝 that revealing message 📬 showed me more 👁 than how you feel 😏 Request me as a friend 👨🏽‍💻 In my games of pretend 🎭 and just help me reach into the 🔝 🔟 trends I need a few more shares 🙏🏽 To be a front page affair 😱 You can say you knew me 🙇🏽 before I was there 😎! Click my links 🆒 Buy my things 💸 Double tap 💕 all my selfies🤳🏽 I won’t feel complete 💔 Until I’m at that peak 🏔 Momma 👵🏽 they gonna make a #hashtag out of me 🌟 We’re chasing down 🏃🏽 these viral dreams 💉
Organic Blue Wet Soaked in Salt of sweet Atlantis I'm upon a Distant Ocean Crest Deep inside caspains stomach You've seen Tahoe Swallow a Carcass Rode Rapids on carved Canyons We all gave Poseidon potion poisons Debris Islands Collect We will sink or swim our way home Build a raft outta trash and fish bones If it storms we'll drown in this moat Or be dripped dry dehydrate all alone
I slipped on a spill down the stairs and saw stars Landed on my face and got some new scars Pieces of my teeth stuck in the edge of the bar Woke up in a pool of blood, rush me to the ER Am I the one to blame? For my days of pain, The damage I've done to my brain, I'm driving myself insane Woke up the next day in a hospital bed with a busted lip and a cracked open head doctor looks at me, all covered in my red and said "boy, you lucky you ain't dead" I am the one to blame For my days of pain The damage I've done to my brain I've driven myself insane Drinking, thinking we ain't ever gonna die Inhaling toxins, popping poisons to get high When you're young, there's no reasons to slow down Till you're falling fast, six feet under ground
Will you join me in this magic carpet ride? There are high chances you will not survive Dimension of dreams, inner paradise I can't even try to begin to give you any sort of description of this world, of this dimension you know language has it limits Take a trip on this magic carpet ride Skip on the stars, rip the galaxy tide Find buried treasure underneath the sky Dig out gems of kaleidoscopic shine Juice the jewels straight into our eyes As we sip from Mars sweet brine We'll follow the map inscribed on your mind to the path that leads to the divine Language has it's limitations of these visions


released January 25, 2018

All music written and performed by Alex Alcocer. Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, and Produced by David Mcdonald.


all rights reserved



AlexAlco Austin, Texas

"AlexAlco takes the solo route in his musical endeavors, with each instrumental and vocal layer – guitar, percussion, synth – concentrated into one reverberating energy.
The San Antonio native, now based in Austin, pulsates with Latin rock, electro-pop and psych."-Laurie Gallardo, KUTX.
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